Climb China [120585]

Climb China [120585]

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Climb China


1冊のトポとしてカバー範囲の広さはピカイチ!Best ofはホントです。

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If it's true that the future is in China's hands, this new guidebook cannot be ignored: Climb China, the first comprehensive guidebook that analyses a selection of the best climbs from China and Hong Kong. In their introduction the authors Kevin Wojton, Karen Thang and Ana Pautler stateChina boasts some of the most stunning locations for climbing in the world, yet the documentation and availability of information is sparse.” With their recent guidebook these words are now out of date and, in a certain sense, the real miracle they achieved is providing a clear panorama of what this country offers in a a pocket size book.

China Climb includes more than 1600 sports and trad climbs in 15 different areas, from the famous crags at Yangshuo (Guilin, province of Guangxi) to the recent gems at Getu in the province of Guizhou, via the amazing sandstone outcrops above Liming in the province of Yunnan, to name just three of the most famous mentioned in the guidebook.

Each crag has a short introduction, the usual topo photo, list of routes (with first ascentionists and date!) and also a selection of things to see and do nearby on rest days. An important detail: the guide also includes a short list of most important Chinese phrases to help you on your travels. A true mine of information and an important starting point for everyone who wishes to climb in this immense country!

Language: English
Pages: 285
Publisher: Samizdat Collective