Reel Rock 11 -Ashima Shiraishiサイン入り- ----送料無料!!!!!----

Reel Rock 11 -Ashima Shiraishiサイン入り- ----送料無料!!!!!----

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大人気”REEL ROCK”シリーズ最新作!!

ユース世代で圧倒的実力のAshima Shiraishi&Kai Lightnerによる圧巻のクライミングから、"Rad/Dad"のダイナミックなフォールシーン、"Dodo’s Delight"の茶目っ気たっぷりまで。

・「Young Guns」
今アメリカで最も注目されている若きクライマーの二人、Ashima ShiraishiとKai Lightnerをフューチャー。
ノルウェーの超巨大ケイブ"フラタンゲルケイブ"でのThor's Hammer(5.15a)トライシーンと、小山田大初登による九州は比叡のホライゾン(V15) の完登シーンを収録。

・「Boys in the Bugs」
カナダのWill StanhopeとアメリカのMatt Segalペアが、4年に渡りトライしてきたカナダ・バガブーの5.14フィンガークラック。

世界各地に赴き、未踏の壁を見つけては初登するというスタイルを貫くMike Libeckiをフューチャー。

カナダの女性クライマーBrette Harringtonに焦点を当てた章。

・「Dodo's Delight」
ベルギーのNico Favresseと弟のOLi、Sean Villanueva O'Driscollのグリーンランドからバフィン島への遠征旅。
愛船の"Dodo's Delight"と共に、常に楽器をかき鳴らしてお祭り騒ぎなクルーがホントに楽しそうで最高。

Run time:101 minutes
Special features:Extras and deleted scenes
Subtitles:Spanish,German,French,Japanese,Hungarian and English

・Young Guns (27:00)
Meet the new faces of climbing: 15-year-old Ashima Shiraishi and 16-year-old Kai Lightner are the leaders of the next generation, already taking the sport to the next level. A trip to Norway puts their skills to the test, and Ashima attempts to make history on a V15 boulder in Japan.

・Boys in the Bugs (17:59)
Will Stanhope and Matt Segal are elite-level crack climbers and world-class goofballs. Laugh along as they go for broke on an epic four-year battle to climb a forbidding 5.14 finger crack high in the Canadian alpine wilderness of the Bugaboos.

・Brette (10:53)
Follow rising talent Brette Harrington on a global journey from her hometown granite in Squamish to the big wall proving ground of Yosemite’s El Capitan and onto a landmark free solo in Patagonia.

・Rad/Dad (10:53)
Lone wolf Mike Libecki travels to the most remote corners of the globe to find unclimbed walls and establish first ascents. When Mike becomes a father, he has a new challenge: to reconcile his life of adventure with the demands of parenthood, but he may also gain a new partner for his expeditions.

・Dodo’s Delight (28:13)
Pack your penny whistle and batten down the hatches for a madcap sailing adventure in the Arctic Circle aboard the good ship Dodo’s Delight. Join Sean Villanueva O'Driscoll, Ben Ditto, and brothers Nico and Olivier Favresse for a rollicking musical journey across open seas and up unclimbed big walls.

Special Features (46:26)
Extended climbing footage and deleted scenes.